InstaMorph Pick

I just got some of this new amazing plastic modeling compound called “InstaMorph“. My first project was a guitar pick that’s contoured to my thumb and forefinger. I did it quickly as my first experiment and it came out great. The pick is thick and sturdy and easy to hold since it was made with my own fingers. My fingerprints are even embedded into it, which makes it nice and grippy. I’m probably going to try other picks, but this one is working great, and the material is amazingly durable.

Luxe Paul With Pickguard(s)

Here is the finished Luxe Paul with pickguards.

I’m a little conflicted about which I like better. I like the darker one because I hand carved it out of a sheet of material that is used in archtop guitars, it matches the binding and headstock, doesn’t have any screws, and seems a little more unexpected.  I like the redder one because it’s a Les Paul pickguard, adds color, and feels a little more finished.

Any thoughts?