4 thoughts on “Twiddling My Parts

  1. I opened one of the plastic tuner buttons to see how it would look on one of the tuners. It turns out that those buttons are the wrong type for those tuners. They are press-on buttons – not screw on. I could drill them out, but I doubt I will go through the trouble. Hopefully I can just return them ($18! :/). The cream color was making me second-guess my white choices for other parts, so I’m kinda glad they didn’t work out.

  2. The Chibson strap buttons are much smaller than I thought they would be. I think I’m just going to buy the big ol’ Dunlops. http://www.allparts.com/AP-6582-001-Dunlop-Nickel-Strap-Buttons_p_471.html

    I decided that I didn’t like the slanted string retainers either. I’ll probably return those also and get a straight one.

    So, that’s three parts that I bought and probably won’t use. Four if you count the cream switch tip that I probably won’t use either, but I sorta knew that when I ordered it. That’s somewhere in the neighborhood of $25, but I hope to get most back, or use as credit.

  3. I just noticed that the studs on my bridge are too small for the holes in the guitar. Mine are for mini holes for some reason. Back to allparts.

  4. I just noticed that you have added some comments to this post. I guess I don’t have it set up for notifications. Checking that now…

    Bummer that you had to return some stuff. I’ve also fallen into that trap. I ordered 2 or 3 items that were wrong. Probably happens to everyone who doesn’t own a shop full of drawers.

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