More bits and bobs: Nickel-and-diming myself

The fact that this order came to nearly $150 is a tough nut to swallow. A lot of these are tools, though. Lutherie tools are expensive because the market for them is small, but stewmac is THE SHIT. That file is so cute. I’m not sure how I convinced myself to buy three drill bits at $5.25 a pop. I’ll probably be glad I did though when the time comes to use them.



Here’s the tuner installation jig next to one of my tuners. It might not look like it, but those holes on the jig line up with the two nubs on the tuner. I don’t know how I would drill those holes right without some sort of jig. I suppose I could have made something similar, but I’m glad I purchased this.



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The comments wouldn’t let me embed a video, but this was helpful to me for providing a general overview on capacitors and what they do:

6 thoughts on “More bits and bobs: Nickel-and-diming myself

  1. Curious to see if you need that fret dressing file. I hope you don’t. Were you thinking you’d need that for the Warmoth neck, or for a guitar you already have?

    I’m thinking I should have bought that tuner pin jig, but I guess I can wait until you’re done using it. 🙂 Also thinking I might want to get those drill bits… too many tools.

    Sean you’re going to be completely set up with tools when you start your Tele project.

  2. Absolutely you can borrow them. The idea of sharing the tools was the main argument for getting those in particular. Yeah, I got the file in case some extra dressing is needed on the warmoth neck. I’ve gotten that impression from youtube, but I hope it’s not terrible.

    I might start soldering some stuff tonight. That rotary switch and chickenhead knob are for the capacitor comparison tool.

  3. I added a picture of the jig next to one of my tuners. Have you received the tuners that you bought? I can probably find the specs online and measure the jig to see if it would work for yours.

  4. Still haven’t gotten the Kluson yet. I have the original ones I bought, but I plan to return them after I’m sure that the new ones will work.

  5. Are you going to wire any in parallel? I didn’t realize you could do that. Making a .037uF might be interesting.

  6. That is interesting, but I think I’m probably gonna go with something low, so I’d be more likely to wire two in series. I don’t think I’m gonna want to go above 0.022uF. I don’t really want complete darkness on zero. Then again, why not? I don’t think I have a .1uF yet. I should get one of those and even something higher maybe for the cap tester.

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