Survey: Pearl or Chrome?

HELP! I’m having a hard time deciding what to get for the VENUSBLASTER:

  • A) Pearloid pickups with chrome┬ámounting rings, or
  • B) Chrome pickups with white mounting rings

I’m leaning towards the pearl pickups because of the whole venus-on-a-half-shell theme, but I wonder if it would be too Liberace. I don’t really mind being too Liberace though. I think Dino made a point that there would be too much texture going on between that and the quilted maple, which is a valid point. I think that’s what I mean by “Liberace” though.

I suppose I could merge either, but I don’t think I will. Eg. Pearl w/white and chrome w/chrome would be too much of either I think.

Also, RHYTHM / TREBLE ring on the toggle switch… yay or nay?






2 thoughts on “Survey: Pearl or Chrome?

  1. WWLD. Awesome. That photo is perfect.

    I’m still in the Chrome pickups and white mounting rings, but I did wonder what pearl pickups and white mounting rings might look like.

    Given the simplicity of your design, the only way a toggle ring makes sense to me is if the words on it are significant. Otherwise you don’t really need it, and the essence of this guitar is form following function, right?

  2. I updated the picture with a pearl-on-white mock-up. Yeah, the toggle ring would be nothing more than a tip-of-the-hat to Les Paul, which is really not appropriate for this design, unlike yours, which has more than one LP thing going on. I’m still also considering a chrome toggle ring, but neither that nor the white one would be customizable. Not pure white, anyway, like the one I bought for a couple bucks.

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