More Country Music Bullshit

I would probably be happy if most country music songs were under a minute long, but this new piece in Billboard: Solos Under Siege: Country Radio Combats ‘Bored’ Listeners By Cutting Guitar Parts talks about how radio stations and recording artists are cutting solos to make songs shorter — so they can play more of them on the air. It’s such a perfect example of the aspects of the music industry that I truly hate.

Two gems:

“The listeners’ attention spans are shorter and shorter, and if they start getting bored with whatever it is that we’re doing — whether it’s a musical riff, or something we’re saying , or too many commercials — it’s too easy for them to go somewhere else,” says consultant Joel Raab. “So it’s really about forward momentum on the radio station. Is that guitar part moving everything forward? If it is, great. If it’s not, then maybe it needs to be edited.”


“I think that 2:35 is the new 3:30,” says co-writer/co-producer Ross Copperman. “Under three minutes is country gold right now.”


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  1. Sometimes you just gotta ask yourself “Is that guitar part moving everything forward?”. Gross.

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