2 thoughts on “Orange Box

  1. It’s a generic aluminium “project box” but yeah, that style is typically used on pedals. I couldn’t resist this one because it was well-priced on amazon and most caps these days are orange. Also, I just like orange! I don’t plan on putting a stomp switch or anything like that on it – just a 6-way rotary and a tone knob, with input and output jacks. The idea is that you could plug any guitar into it to test the capacitors outboard.

    I ordered an Emerson paper-in-oil capacitor from stewmac (0.022uF). This is my current plan for the 6 options, which may change. These are all caps that I own except for the Emerson:
    Ceramic disk .022uF
    Orange drop .022uF
    Vitamin Q Black Candy .022uF
    Emerson paper/oil .022uF
    Orange drop .015uF
    Orange drop .047uF

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