1961 Relic Telecaster Custom: Wiring

I unscrewed my telecaster the other day to check out the wiring and to see which capacitors it was using.

The tone knob is using a .05uF capacitor, labeled iC 5032.

The volume knob is using a 680pF treble bleed capacitor, labeled 681K 1KU.

I didn’t know it had a treble bleed in it, but I’m glad it does. It essentially adds more treble to the signal as the volume is turned down. Seems like it shouldn’t be called “bleeding” but whatever.¬†More info here about treble bleed capacitors.

Greg, are you going to try any .05uF capacitors in your tester?

One thought on “1961 Relic Telecaster Custom: Wiring

  1. I am thinking I need to make a new capacinator for single-coils. I would use a 250K tone pot and higher capacitance caps.

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