Pickguard materials

Got these samples in the mail today. Three different types (shades/styles) of tortoise.

Can’t wait to see what they look like next to the rosewood body.


3 thoughts on “Pickguard materials

  1. That’s gonna be a tough call. They’re all beautiful. I especially like the dark and reddish ones, personally.

  2. That photo isn’t the best, but I think it’s not really helpful to look at them out of context of the body and neck woods. I’m leaning towards the two you mentioned though. Very curious to see how they look. There were other shades of “tortoise”, and even other colors.

  3. The dark one looks similar to the mockups you did with a deluxe pickguard. The redder one looks more like the mockups with a LP pickguard. So, you’re going to wait until you have it together before ordering the pickguard. That seems to make the most sense considering you’ll be making a custom template. Fukit, September? We’re almost 4 weeks in.

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