4 thoughts on “Moniker Guitars

  1. The customizer lets you choose pearl Lollar Imperials as the pickup choice on the Zuma, so it’s helpful for mock-ups. I created one similar to the VB, and the price came to $2010. I assume that includes *everything*. It wasn’t a “DIY kit” which apparently does not come finished. It would be nice if they listed color options for the builds. It’s slicker than the warmoth builder, but way less customizable.

    Cons: I’m not crazy about those body shapes. Also, that list of “artists” is entirely people and bands I have never heard of. It’s almost like negative advertising at that point. I’d have to see some reviews and hear samples to have an opinion about whether it would be worth it to get one of those instead of making a warmoth guitar.

  2. I configured one as closely as I could get to the Luxe Paul, and came up with this:

    Almost the same price, but without the coil-tapping, custom electronics, or special neck upgrades.

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