Capacinator V1

The other day (about two weeks ago, actually) I got this in the mail, and it’s awesome:



The sloppy numbering was added by me because I wanted to remember the cap value when using it. I should have taken the knob off first, but I was too anxious.

After trying them all on my tele, I think I like .047uF best, at around a 4 or 5 on the tone dial. To be honest though, I didn’t dislike the .o68uF or the .1uF. I think I just like the browner tones.

Can’t wait to see what it sounds like with the Luxe Paul.

Thanks Greg!


One thought on “Capacinator V1

  1. Glad you like it. I see it goes well with your other pedals. I thought you might want to decorate it some more, like paint it or something, but it looks good as is I guess. Somehow I screwed up the placement of the jacks, so they don’t line up visually. Oh well.

    Have you tried it with bass yet? I like extra brown on the bass, and I agree that the .047uF or even higher ones work well with a tele. I need to re-assemble mine with the 12-position switch before I finish wiring the VB. I already took it apart.

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