Luxe Paul Neck

I got the Luxe Paul neck today and it’s very nice! The grain on the fretboard is beautiful, and the inlays are extremely precise. The birdseye maple is nice, too, although I probably might have liked regular maple a bit more. Those eyes are a little random. Probably just need a day to get used to them.

Overall, I’m very happy with it. The photos show a comparison with my tele neck. The fretboard is about the same size, but the scale is much different, and the Luxe Paul has an extra fret (even though it looks like two extra in that picture). The pictures near the end of the collection show the length difference when the base of each neck is side-by-side. At first I wondered about the way the neck was finished at the end, (straight across instead of rounded), but then I realized that is exactly how it should be to line up against the humbucker rings.

One thing I had forgotten about my order is that I got a vintage satin finish. I did that because I like the satin finish that came on my Martin’s neck and like how it gets polished as you play it. I guess I didn’t think about how this might affect the headstock, which does look a little too dull, especially when compared to what I assume will be a very shinny body. I’m not sure this is much of a problem though because I’ll need to lacquer over the label on the headstock and then polish it. The way it is now is essentially prepped for the label.

Whenever I get the new label. Because yeah, why would the label work out perfectly the first time?

3 thoughts on “Luxe Paul Neck

  1. I like the way the grain looks. It gives the neck a lot of character. I also like the swirly patterns in the pearloid.

  2. I was referring to the maple grain, but I love the rosewood also. It has a nice rich chocolatey color.

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