Venusblaster Build COMPLETE (ish)

I finished assembling this today, but I still have some tweaking to do of the setup and some minor cosmetic detailing. Also, there’s a rattling noise coming from the pickups springs, I think, that I will need to take care of. I will be updating the VENUSBLASTER page soon with more photos, etc.

Sound files will also be coming soon. This puppy can RAWK!

Here’s a picture with the white plastic humbucker rings instead of the heavy metal ones:


10 thoughts on “Venusblaster Build COMPLETE (ish)

  1. This is so impressive! It looks fantastic. Nice job on the finishing and small details. I love how clean the wiring and shielding are. It all looks very consistent and professional and is beyond what I was expecting when we started this project. I like the contrast of the two wood grains, and that mahogany headstock is very cool. Also the neck plate is a sweet little hidden surprise.

    You mentioned that it’s a little heavy. How much does it weigh? Was this weight-relived or chambered? I think I remember you talking about that early on, but I don’t remember if you actually added that to your order.

  2. Thanks for the compliments.

    I don’t have a working scale at the moment, so I can’t weigh it. It is supposed to be chambered. I believe that it is, but it’s a little surprising. It’s just bigger and denser than I am used to with my chambered ash tele, so heavier than I am used to lately.

    I pulled the pickups out and replaced the rings with the white plastic ones. I like how they look. I also put a pad under the neck pickup and wrapped the lead wire with tape. That is what was rattling before. It seems fine now.

  3. I’m thinking of getting these knobs, which should be lighter than the giant ones I have:

    This is the full set of abalone options from wdmusic:

  4. I think the white rings might take a little while to get used to. I like the metal ones better so far. Those knobs are nice. The round might look good, too.

  5. Yeah, I’m wavering on the white, especially since it seemed bassier and more sustained with the heavy metal.

  6. I didn’t measure the height the first time if that’s what you mean. The height must have been at least a little different when I mounted them on the other rings, which could have affected the tone a bit.

  7. I got a new bathroom scale and weighed the guitar just now. It came out at 8.4 lbs, which is pretty reasonable for a guitar that size. Some cursory googling on jazzmaster weight suggested that that is average weight. The HB pickups are pretty heavy, and so is the TOM bridge, compared to traditional JM parts. Also, mahogany and maple are pretty heavy woods, so I believe this one is chambered, as I ordered. Currently it is as pictured with the white plastic rings and the big knobs. I ordered UFO/tophat knobs yesterday. For comparison, my orange tele in its current state weighs in at 6.4 lbs, a full two pounds lighter. Tele bodies are much smaller, and mine is fully-contoured chambered swamp ash, which explains much of the weight difference.

  8. 8.4 doesn’t seem that heavy to me, but I bet it seems heavy if you are used to playing something that is 6.4. I think my tele is about 7 lbs (according to similar models I just googled).

    The Luxe Paul, should it ever show up, is likely going to be heavy, too. It’s non-chambered and non-contoured.

    I don’t really mind heavy too much. I’m not standing for three hours running around the stage with it, you know? Not yet, anyway.

  9. Yeah no, I don’t think it would typically be described as “heavy”. There are pros and cons to heavy and light anyway. Sonically, I think heavier is probably better, to a certain point. Mine could be a pound heavier and still be within the common range for JMs. Tele bodies are quite a bit shorter than jazzmasters’.

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