Luxe Paul With Pickguard(s)

Here is the finished Luxe Paul with pickguards.

I’m a little conflicted about which I like better. I like the darker one because I hand carved it out of a sheet of material that is used in archtop guitars, it matches the binding and headstock, doesn’t have any screws, and seems a little more unexpected.  I like the redder one because it’s a Les Paul pickguard, adds color, and feels a little more finished.

Any thoughts?

2 thoughts on “Luxe Paul With Pickguard(s)

  1. Wow, that’s a tough call. The one that you made is impressive. Nice work. I think I agree with your thoughts about them. The red one stands out more, especially because of the laminate edge, but I like the natural screwless one a lot.The LP screw locations don’t make a lot of sense on a flattop, but it does make it more recognizable maybe. I’m leaning towards the handmade one. Does it have white paper under it?

  2. Yeah I think I might just take your advice and have many pickguards for it. Change them based on season or event or whim. I’ll keep the dark one on for now, but obviously not get rid of the red one.

    Yes, the dark one does have the white paper under it. One of the things I’m not thrilled about with the dark one is the distribution of the yellow elements, and the pattern direction. I think I’m getting used to the diagonal direction, but I do wish it was more evenly mixed.

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