InstaMorph Pick

I just got some of this new amazing plastic modeling compound called “InstaMorph“. My first project was a guitar pick that’s contoured to my thumb and forefinger. I did it quickly as my first experiment and it came out great. The pick is thick and sturdy and easy to hold since it was made with my own fingers. My fingerprints are even embedded into it, which makes it nice and grippy. I’m probably going to try other picks, but this one is working great, and the material is amazingly durable.

2 thoughts on “InstaMorph Pick

  1. Neat! I like how it retains the fingerprint and you can reshape it. Is it light? Maybe you could make new knobs with it, too, but the InstaMorph site says that it’s good for “Everything from masks, costume pieces, brackets, molds, toys, handles, grips, custom cases, stands, prototypes, replacement parts.” …so I assume you bought it so you could make a custom guitar case by pressing the VB into a softened mass of it? Can’t wait to see it!

  2. Yeah, the material is pretty light. The pick doesn’t feel heavy at all. I’m going to leave that one as is so I don’t ruin it, and start with a new one that will probably be a bit thinner. I will fine-tune the next one more.
    I was also thinking about knobs. It would be great to replace or make tuner buttons, too.
    A guitar case would be sweet, but I’d probably have to spend about $1000 or more to get enough InstaMorph for that. It’s best for smaller applications. I like the SKB case that I bought just fine anyway.

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