InstaMorph Pick

I just got some of this new amazing plastic modeling compound called “InstaMorph“. My first project was a guitar pick that’s contoured to my thumb and forefinger. I did it quickly as my first experiment and it came out great. The pick is thick and sturdy and easy to hold since it was made with my own fingers. My fingerprints are even embedded into it, which makes it nice and grippy. I’m probably going to try other picks, but this one is working great, and the material is amazingly durable.

Homemade Pedal Board

I decided to make a pedal board this past weekend, so I went to the hardware store and found a flat, rugged surface that I thought would work well as the base. I think it’s a piece of material from a┬ástove, or exhaust vent, or something, but I’m actually not sure what it was intended to originally be used for.

I also got some 2-inch wide strips of velcro, which I attached to the surface. Then I cut squares and added them to the bottom of each pedal. I already had the 9-volt power extender, and the whole thing came together pretty quickly. Seems perfect for sitting in front of the amp, or using on the desktop. It even has some spongy material on the bottom so it doesn’t slide around.

Not sure how easy it is to follow the signal path in these images, but do you think I have these in a good order?

It’s this:

tuner > compressor > preamp > fuzz > overdrive > phaser > delay/looper > amp