Venusblaster Build COMPLETE (ish)

I finished assembling this today, but I still have some tweaking to do of the setup and some minor cosmetic detailing. Also, there’s a rattling noise coming from the pickups springs, I think, that I will need to take care of. I will be updating the VENUSBLASTER page soon with more photos, etc.

Sound files will also be coming soon. This puppy can RAWK!

Here’s a picture with the white plastic humbucker rings instead of the heavy metal ones:


Venusblaster Bridge Trouble

I made the mistake of buying the non-metric version of a Tonepros bridge for the Venusblaster. I had Warmoth rout the recessed-TOM bridge rout, which is technically for a GOTOH bridge, which uses 11mm anchors which take 8mm studs. Like almost all music gear retailer sites, the tonepros site SUCKS. It does not offer any specific information about dimensions or diagrams.

After realizing my error, rather than find a conversion part, I bought a GOTOH bridge. I don’t like it, and I really want to use the graph-tech saddles that came with my Tonepros. The GOTOH is CHEAPOH, and doesn’t have locking studs. Yesterday, I ordered a pair of adapter studs from allparts for $10, which I wish I would have done originally rather than waste $25 on the GOTOH. These will allow me to have smaller studs screwed into the much larger metric anchors from the GOTOH.

In the picture below, the Tonepros is on top, and the GOTOH is below.


I got the adapter studs and anchors today from allparts.


The anchors from the GOTOH are deeper, and one is already inserted, so I will be using those anchors – not the new ones.


The GOTOH studs are also longer, but that doesn’t matter.


Here’s what an anchor looks like fully pressed in so that it is flush with the bottom of the recessed rout. It is important to scrape out all of the finish from the holes AND the counter-bore so that the lip sinks in.


Here is one of the new adapter studs screwed into the anchor.


Here’s the tonepros bridge mounted on the new studs. Problem solved.


Survey: Pearl or Chrome?

HELP! I’m having a hard time deciding what to get for the VENUSBLASTER:

  • A) Pearloid pickups with chrome mounting rings, or
  • B) Chrome pickups with white mounting rings

I’m leaning towards the pearl pickups because of the whole venus-on-a-half-shell theme, but I wonder if it would be too Liberace. I don’t really mind being too Liberace though. I think Dino made a point that there would be too much texture going on between that and the quilted maple, which is a valid point. I think that’s what I mean by “Liberace” though.

I suppose I could merge either, but I don’t think I will. Eg. Pearl w/white and chrome w/chrome would be too much of either I think.

Also, RHYTHM / TREBLE ring on the toggle switch… yay or nay?






More bits and bobs: Nickel-and-diming myself

The fact that this order came to nearly $150 is a tough nut to swallow. A lot of these are tools, though. Lutherie tools are expensive because the market for them is small, but stewmac is THE SHIT. That file is so cute. I’m not sure how I convinced myself to buy three drill bits at $5.25 a pop. I’ll probably be glad I did though when the time comes to use them.



Here’s the tuner installation jig next to one of my tuners. It might not look like it, but those holes on the jig line up with the two nubs on the tuner. I don’t know how I would drill those holes right without some sort of jig. I suppose I could have made something similar, but I’m glad I purchased this.



***Dino edited this post below***

The comments wouldn’t let me embed a video, but this was helpful to me for providing a general overview on capacitors and what they do: