Orange Tele

The first thing I ever got from Warmoth was an orange tele body from the showcase. I had a Fender Highway 1 Telecaster that was extremely heavy, so I decided to replace the body. I had already replaced the stock bridge with a Joe Barden with brass saddles. I saw this body on the Warmoth showcase page, and I jumped on it. It is chambered swamp ash with tummy cut, forearm contour, and heel contour. It was around 4 pounds.The finish is orange dye.

This is the body with the Barden bridge and the neck and electronics, etc., from the Highway 1 Tele:

Eventually I decided that I’d rather use the orange body with new parts to create a dream tele. I put the Highway 1 back together with its stock bridge and got rid of it. Then I ordered a custom neck from Warmoth and everything else that I needed to complete the build.

The neck is roasted maple with an ebony fretboard. The inlays are MOP dots and the side dots are white.

I decided to shelve the Barden bridge and get a Mastery bridge. I also ordered the Mastery string tree to complete the set. I love the packaging that it came in.

The pickups are Lollars. The neck is a “Royal T” in nickel, and the bridge isĀ  “J Street Tele” pickup. They sound amazing.

I used a screw-in Elecrosocket side jack mount from Stewmac.

I put on Grover locking mini rotomatics. I like the convenience of changing strings on these.

I used standard string ferrules on the back, Dunlop oversized strap buttons, and a pinup model neck plate from ebay.