1969 Fender Mustang Bass

I bought this bass after jamming in NYC on Dave’s Mustang and realized that the short scale neck was awesome. A few months after I got back, this one showed up on Craigslist. I think I got it for $1,200.

Introduced two years after the Mustang guitar, the Mustang Bass was the first student-level bass produced by Fender as well as the last production bass designed by Leo Fender before he left the company. Targeted towards younger players, the Mustang Bass offered a shorter 30-inch scale length as well as a lower price-point than the Precision or Jazz Basses of the mid-’60s. The split single-coil pickup was also smaller than that of the P Bass, but still captured a wide range of bass tones. Starting in 1969, Fender introduced a set of snazzy “competition” finishes which added a double racing stripe to the body.

This one apparently has a 1967 neck and a 1969 body, at least that’s what John Neff told me, the guy I bought it from.

I’ve only used it to record a few things: Those Days,  Marine CeilingCheops, and everything on the “Lonely Days” EP with Sean

From Reverb.com

  • Years of Production: 1966 – 1981
  • Body Style: Offset solidbody
  • Wood Composition: Alder body, Maple neck with veneer Rosewood fingerboard
  • Design Elements: Bolt-on neck, dot inlays, 30-inch scale length, split single-coil pickup
  • Finish Specifications: Competition Red was part of the Competition series of finishes introduced in 1969.
  • Notable Players:  Bill Wyman, Tina Weymouth, Fred Smith


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  1. I love the grain on the fretboard. Kinda looks like Macassar ebony, but it’s probably rosewood. That thing is in really good condition for its age. Nice find.

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