1982-5 Fender Precision Bass


I bought this in around 2001 on ebay. It had EMG active pickups in it when I bought it, and a gig bag. It also had what I believe to be the original white pickguard. I put Bartolini pickups in it after having it for about a year or two. I love the way they sound. I don’t know where the original pickups are for this, but they probably don’t sound as good as the Bartolinis.

I recently put the tortoise pickguard on it and ebony knobs. I want to get a thumbrest to complete this for my style of playing.

3 thoughts on “1982-5 Fender Precision Bass

  1. I like the tortoise and the matching strings. Nice touch. The ebony knobs add a nice touch, too. Are you ordering an ebony finger rest for below the strings, or were you going to add one at the top? To me, the top is the “thumb rest” and the bottom is the “finger rest” but yeah, whatever.

  2. God dammit, now that you mention it, I could and SHOULD just make an ebony or rosewood thumbrest. I have some pieces of dark hardwood I could use. I think the ebony pieces I have are too thin though. Hmmmm… You continually give me awesome ideas!

    I’ve cleaned up the copper taping on that cavity since I too that photo. I also put some epoxy in the pickguard holes because they were so stripped. I need to add some more glue to one of the holes still. I still haven’t even taken the protective lining off of the pickguard. I’m gonna leave it until I figure out the thumbrest thing.

  3. Ah, right. That’s a good idea, and I bet it will look (and feel) great.

    Interesting about putting epoxy in the pickguard holes. I wouldn’t have thought of that. Is it black like the body? Are you doing this for aesthetic reasons or functional? Since you say they are stripped, I assume that’s functional. I’ve jammed toothpicks in the holes in the past and then drilled into the toothpicks. Seems to work well, and there really isn’t a lot of tension on the pickguard. (Unless you wail) (which I’m sure you do)

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