Haymaker Model C

I commissioned this guitar from Don Windham of Haymaker Guitars in 2008. The design is based on a Martin Style 1.

From the Haymaker site:

Model C: The Model C is made for the blues, loud and full bodied, it can sing out above the crowd. This is a 12th fret guitar, inspired by a 30’s 1-17 I worked on a couple times, it was a great little guitar. The Model C is an excellent candidate for an all mahogany build, similar to its inspiration.

It can be heard on “Jane I’m Only Dancing” by Sabis Bowic.

This is the sister of a guitar owned by Paul Rigby from Neko Case’s band. His is used extensively on the Middle Cyclone and Fox Confessor Brings the Flood albums. I saw him play with it live and was so impressed by the sound that I had to own one.

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  1. Wow, that is so nice. Sounds great, too. I forgot about that Sabis version. It’s awesome!

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