More bits and bobs: Nickel-and-diming myself

The fact that this order came to nearly $150 is a tough nut to swallow. A lot of these are tools, though. Lutherie tools are expensive because the market for them is small, but stewmac is THE SHIT. That file is so cute. I’m not sure how I convinced myself to buy three drill bits at $5.25 a pop. I’ll probably be glad I did though when the time comes to use them.



Here’s the tuner installation jig next to one of my tuners. It might not look like it, but those holes on the jig line up with the two nubs on the tuner. I don’t know how I would drill those holes right without some sort of jig. I suppose I could have made something similar, but I’m glad I purchased this.



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The comments wouldn’t let me embed a video, but this was helpful to me for providing a general overview on capacitors and what they do: